BrightO gossips About Praise's wife to Kiddwaya

Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemate, Ezekiel Bright Osemudiame, generally known as Brighto, has exposed simmering secret that fellow housemate, Praise, is married to a woman of over sixty years.

In a conversation to Kiddwaya, Brighto said that the woman Praise always brags about is “sixty something years old.”

Brighto and Kiddwaya seemed to have been angered by Praise during their daily activities and both housemates sat over an indoor game to dissect him

Brighto, a 29-year-old housemate, told Kiddwaya,

“What I want to do now is, whenever he says anything, I’ll tackle him. I know his weak point.

“I know what you can tell him that can make him very angry, too pissed that he can even cry.”

“You know he usually brags about ‘my son, my wife’, his wife is sixty-something [years]. I’m telling you something. I swear to God. He told me. Trust me,”

What the Edo born housemate said is perceived by many as a snitch.


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