Love Divine Ike
Love Divine Ike's picture on Clarence Peter's Instagram page

Famous video director/cinematographer Clarence Peters is going through stress following the bizarre death of music video dancer, Love Divine Ike (aka Picture Kodak) in his studio in Lagos. Clarence was invited and detained by the police for a some days. He is now out on bail while investigation continues. Will this gentleman come out unblemished? Ferdinand Ekechukwu reports

“Please note that no one has been charged or arrested, by the police. The witnesses and I willingly made ourselves available to the police and we have all pledged our full co-operation, through every part of this process. I will be helping out in every possible capacity.” That was in part the statement given by ace video director and cinematographer, Clarence Peters following the allegation of murder of video vixen, Love Divine Ike, aka Picture Kodak.

The popular music video dancer, with Instagram handle @picturekodak, was said to have been electrocuted while charging her phone in Clarence Peters’ Lagos home on Wednesday, April 29. Police in Lagos had detained Peters and four others, due to circumstances surrounding her death.

However, when the news of the vixen’s death came to public knowledge, Nigerians while commiserating with the victim’s family, demanded an investigation to unravel the true circumstances surrounding Kodak’s death.

Though, Clarence Peters had debunked report of him being arrested, he revealed in the statement that he willingly made himself available to the Lagos State Police on Monday May 4. Bala Elkana, spokesperson of the state police command had in a chat stated that Clarence was being investigated for murder. He said since the incident happened in Clarence’s apartment, himself and some others, who were present at the time of the unfortunate incident, had been invited.

However, a crew member known as Melvn who claimed to have been a witness to the death of video vixen had narrated how she died, while insisting that Clarence was not at the scene. The crew member gave his narration of the event after Clarence Peters was called in for questioning over Kodak’s death at his house. Melvn, according to a report, said Clarence was not present when Kodak died, a claim which was also made by Clarence longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Alegieuno. He also claimed that the incident happened in a studio, and not in Clarence’s house. Recounting the events that led to her death, Melvn began his narration.

Melvn said Kodak was charging her phone which has a metal cover and she was also trying to use a metal socket while her body was sweaty with no shoes. He added that, suddenly, they heard a bang which got them curious. He said: “We looked back to see what happened and saw a spark on LD’s phone lying on her chest, we rushed to her and saw that she had been electrocuted. We carried her somewhere safer, tried to revive her, she was responding with gasps, her colleague kept calling her name, I went out to call for help, (and) then Clearance was notified.

“After first aid, we carried her in a car and went to hospital in the estate, they wouldn’t even open gate. We moved to another hospital, finally, doctor came and checked her and said she was dead….” To Clarence Peter’s girlfriend, Jennifer Alegieuno, the makeup artist, said the investigation carried out by the IPO in charge of the case after the on-scene investigation was done and the body visited at the morgue, concluded that the death was a result of a natural accident.

Until her death, the top dancer worked with a number of top artistes like Olamide, Burna Boy, Korra Obidi and ace dancer, Kaffy among others.

When Clarence spoke to defend himself in a  statement five days after Kodak death, he said he was not in the same building with the late dancer when the unfortunate incident occurred. He also said his attention was called only after Kodak collapsed; claiming that two hospitals they had rushed the late dancer to assumed she was a COVID-19 patient. He added that they refused to admit her.

Love Divine Ike
Love Divine Ike’s picture on Clarence Peter’s Instagram page

He wrote on Instagram: “On the 29th of April 2020, Love Divine Ike (Picture Kodak) was in the dance studio, on the premises of Capital Dreams Pictures, with 5 other team members and myself – 7 people in total.

“At about 7:30 pm on the same day, while in another office – a building beside the dance studio, on the same premises, some people who were said to be with Love Divine at the time, rushed in and called my attention to the fact that Love Divine had collapsed. We immediately rushed her to the nearest hospital, which refused to let us into their premises, let alone admit her. They assumed she was a Covid-19 patient. We tried, but we were not able to gain entry into a second hospital….

“Love Divine and the entire West Life Crew was a huge part of Capital Dreams Pictures, and losing her hurts us all deeply. She was an exemplary person and a legend in her own rights. We will miss her very much. Words will never be enough to describe what her family is going through in these things trying times. My thoughts and prayers are with them, and I ask God to grant them all the strength & fortitude at this time. This is a truly difficult time for us all…

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