Deborah Tushima
Deborah Tushima

The Family of Deborah Tushima reveals that she did not die of poisoning because of iphone 11. They explain that the make-up artiste had a heart condition.

On Saturday, July 4, Deborah Tushima, the makeup artist who allegedly slumped and died during her birthday celebration, did not die of poisoning, her family member has said.

According to screenshots of a chat shared by a family friend, a family member said the young makeup artist simply slumped.
They added that she started “fainting” recently and the one that happened at her birthday party and ultimately led to her death was the fourth time she fainted.

The family member said: “Later on we discovered that she has a heart problem that makes her faint, and she has been fainting for some time but neither mum nor dad knew about that.”

Deborah Tushima family chat 2

Deborah Tushima family chat


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