ENTANGLED Episode 11- Execution Style

She lost her balance and fell butt first, I had suspected that my mother was kinda radical but seeing her get physical, came as a shock.

Mirabel tried to scramble up and was helped by one of the male nurses in a uniform. She seemed dazed and scared.

My mother was not done with her yet; she had clearly gone off the rails. She said.
“So you had to shoot Muna? Eeeh, you dare raise your stinking hand against my daughter and her boyfriend? You thought nobody will find out? At your age, look at the small boy you are sleeping with and when he wants out of your diabolical clutch, what do you do? Try to kill him. I will make sure you rot in jail.”

By now Mirabel had garnered a bit of composure; she looked at Mum pitifully as she said.
“I’m very sorry for you Nse, you should be ashamed of yourself but again you are nothing but a gutter woman, you and your slut of a daughter. So you think I tried to kill Muna? Haba! You must be crazy, Muna is the love of my life and I am not giving him up for any one, read my lips, I’m not giving him up…”

Just then Funmi nudged me painfully, I turned sharply. For Pete’s sake, why was everyone so aggressive? Even her voice was hard.
“Cassandra, you still dey for here abi? Watching drama, why don’t you go in there and check what is going on with your man? “

She led the way and I followed her, Funmi was turning out to be a really good and stable friend, I mentally apologized for all the times I considered her a rude bitch. We saw Edidiong standing with a group of doctors at the corridor of one of the Emergency ward and rushed over to him.
He looked at me with disappointment.
“You are Cassandra right? I heard them call your name at the Club after the shooting. Didn’t I tell you to keep a level head, but here you are throwing tantrums and hysteria everywhere. If I had waited for you before taking him into surgery, this guy would have died from loss of blood. Normally, they would ask for police report and next of kin. You were nowhere, I even learnt that you guys were fighting outside.”
He shook his head.

Anyways I had to vouch for him which is risky, I could loose my licence if anything goes wrong or they dig up anything criminal during investigation. But then, how could I just let him die?”

I grabbed him and hugged him impulsively, grateful for his amazing kindness.
My voice shook as I asked.
“How is he? Is he going to make it? Can I see him?”
He returned my hug and held on a little tighter, I couldn’t process that yet. He said.
“I really hope he makes it, they are prepping him up for surgery now. You can’t see him right now. Don’t worry our surgeons are competent and will do their very best. Now go home and take your bath and get something to eat, maybe by the time you get back he will be out of surgery.”

I shook my head vehemently, as I said.
“No, no, no, I wanna be there for the surgery.”
We heard sudden commotion outside and ran out.
Just in time to see two cars zigzagging across the driveway like the drivers had lost control. People were jumping out of the way and screaming as the cars approached the entrance of the Emergency Unit.

Mum and Mirabel were speaking to two police men who seemed to be questioning them. They too saw the cars approaching and stepped out of the way.
The two cars, a Toyota Camry and a BMW came to a screeching halt. One of the police men approached the tinted cars hesitantly.
Suddenly the doors flew open and four guys wearing masks came out, two from each of the cars.

I swear I have seen and heard a lot of terrible, horrible things but what I saw that day will never leave my traumatized mind.

These four guys came out and started spraying bullets execution style, the police man in front of them was gunned down. That was all I saw before Dr. Edidiong dragged me as I grabbed my mother and Funmi, we tumbled into the Emergency unit hallway as the heavy metal door was closed and locked.

I will never forgive myself as we didn’t try to save more people but you will not understand the frenzy and stench of fear until you come face to face with death.
Self preservation comes first and I swear I crawled behind the reception counter, the nurse on duty was already hiding there and we were joined by my mother and Funmi. When we heard the murderous masked killers reeve their engine and drive off as roughly as they had driven in. we still couldn’t come out from where we were hiding.

Until we heard pounding on the door, people were yelling and crying. My limbs were shaking and my hands that held my Mum’s were cramped. What was really happening? I had thought it was Mirabel that masterminded Muna’s shooting but this definitely had gone beyond any of that. This was way bigger. As we came from behind the counter, the door was open and wounded people were being carried in, I ran out and YES right there in front of me was Mirabel’s dead twisted body.

I fell on my knees as sobs wracked my body, I had disliked the woman intensely but to see her dead like that with her body twisted at odd angles was more than I could take.
I gathered her in my arms and…

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