ENTANGLED Episode 12

I held Mirabel’s dead body in my arms and cried until i felt all the tears had dried from my eyes. her perfectly manicured fingers still clutched her bag. Two ghastly bullet holes brutally pierced through her chiffon blouse and drove into her heart.

Strong hands pulled me from under her dead weight, I didn’t want to let go, to leave her there all by herself. Edidiong’s voice was soft but firm as he said.
“Cassandra stop doing this to yourself, she’s gone. let the coroners do their job.”

I turned around and burrowed into him as he half carried me into his car. Then he went out and spoke briefly with my Mother and Funmi before coming back to the car. by now I had stopped crying but my body still shuddered with internalized anguish.

He covered me with his jacket and sat in the driver’s seat facing me, as he said.
“Cassandra I just got your address from your Mum, I’m taking you home. they will stay back to be questioned by the police, who by the way is very flustered by his colleague’s death.
I promised him that I will bring you to the station myself when you stabilize. Muna is already in surgery; you need to rest a bit before you see him, hopefully.”

He turned the ignition and drove out of the hospital towards Utako.
I somewhat felt uneasy for his care of me, but It’s not like I’m doing anything wrong, he seemed to have the messiah complex so I let him take charge and care for me.
I nodded to myself gradually as i pondered the fact that it wasn’t Mirabel that shot Muna. Then who?

I felt huge release to realize that the guilt too was gone, whatever this was; had nothing to do with me. I wasn’t the cause.
As we got to our house in Utako, Edidiong walked with me upstairs and settled in the only sofa in my room.

After I stripped off my blood stained gown in the bathroom, showered and wrapped myself in a bathrobe, I came to sit on the bed opposite him. Why did I feel so drawn to him? Was it because he was so kind to me? Before you call me a slut or loose, take a minute to put yourself in my shoes. Emotions cannot be directed but controlled, what I was feeling for him wasn’t the stormy animalistic magnetism that i felt for Muna but a gentle peaceful feeling of connection. He looked like he cared for me so much too, his eyes had just followed me all over the room. Then he said
“Cassandra how did you get involved with all of these?”
I sighed and shook my head.
“Edidiong can we catch up some other time, I really can’t talk right now.”
He nodded and then stood up to leave, I stood also and we hugged. It didn’t feel like lust, it felt like I could stay in his arms for one week, every part of his body felt warm, comforting and I snuggled deeper. He moaned deeply and dug his fingers into my hair, he pressed my neck to his.

Just then my phone rang, shaking me from my reverie. I picked it up, without checking the number on the screen.
As i put the phone to my ear, first i heard a harsh laughter then a bitter female voice with a British accent that said.
“You are next, you low life bitch.
Then she switched to pidgin.
“No be every food or drink wey you see by the road side, you go carry chop. Some of dem fit be sacrifice to the gods. All of you who slept with Muna must pay with death. Look outside your window”

In horror and trepidation, my eyes drifted outside my window. There at the back of the house a male in a hooded sweatshirt stood with his hands buried in his pockets, backing me.

The call ended abruptly. I yelled in terror and Edidiong grabbed and held me. I stammered with frustration
“He, he… he is out there… the killer at the back of the house.”


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