Entangled episode 12-Sacrifice art

The call ended abruptly, I yelled in terror as Edidiong grabbed and held me.

I stammered frustration.
“He, he… He is out there… The killer is at the back of the house.”
A look of confusion passed through his face as he rushed to the window and looked outside. Seeing no one, he bolted downstairs.
I lowered myself to the carpeted floor and hugged my knees in fear.

I wasn’t only terrified because I was threatened by a possible lunatic who was on a murderous rampage but I had seen a stranger in my backyard.
A possible blood thirsty serial killer who could be after my life, what did I get myself into by loving Muna?

Just then Edidiong came back into the room and slide down to the floor with me. He said
“Cassandra I looked around the building and didn’t see any one lurking in the bushes. Now would you tell me what this is all about?”
I told him everything, how I met Muna at the airport. How I found out he was involved with an older woman and what happened in the club. When I was done, he stood up and started pacing the floor.
At that point, I felt a strange sensation; a feeling of peace in spite of all what was going on.

For the first time in my life it felt like someone stronger than me was in charge to take care of everything concerning me.
He was actually worrying about me, he cared enough to stay.
He pulled me to my feet and gently led me to the bed where we both sat down. His deep baritone voice sounded anxious as he said.
“You can’t stay here Cassandra; I don’t believe that you are delusional or hallucinating.
If you said you saw someone out there then they might be watching your every move.
You need to stay as far away from Muna as possible, you need to also stay away from your Mother’s house to protect her.”
I bolted from the bed and faced him as I said
“Eddy I can’t stay away from Muna now, he needs me more now, that is exactly what they want… whoever they are! I can not be terrified into hiding.”

He grabbed me and made me to sit beside him on the bed again. As he said.
“Look Cassandra I am not trying to discredit what you feel for Muna, I know you care for him but this guy didn’t tell you anything at all about any of this, you need to get that. Until you find out the whole truth, I will suggest that you don’t sacrifice yourself on the altar of love… at least not yet.”

He made a lot of sense, I knew he was right. Why the hell did Muna keep me in the dark when I was caught smack in the middle of this? But where do I go from here? I said
“Edidiong I don’t have anywhere else to go and what reason will I give my Mother for moving out?…”
He interrupted me.
“You can stay in my house; I won’t let anyone or anything happen to you. Your Mum will understand…”
I shook my head as I said.
“Eddy I can’t put you through that…”
Again he interrupted me.
“Infact I can’t trust anyone else to protect you as I will Cassandra, it’s my desire to keep you safe.”
“But why do you bother? I don’t understand. I’m still with Muna, I don’t want you to think anything has changed.”
“I know and I respect that, trust me. This is not about me needing anything from you, I consider you my friend now.”

I heaved a huge sigh and took his hand in mine as I said.
“I’m going to speak with Muna first before I decide what to do, he loves me. He was ready to let go of his past to be with me. I just need to understand all of these.”

Edidiong nodded as he brushed the hair from my forehead, and then he planted a light kiss on my temple. I swear I don’t know what came over me till today, I try to relieve that moment but I still can’t get why acted that way. I still can’t figure out why I did what I did. I pulled his lips down on mine and couldn’t help sighing deeply as I tasted his mouth, slowly at first. His groan echoed mine as he held both of my cheeks. His tongue caressed mine as his long fingers caressed my face. He kissed me deeply and passionately, kissed me thoroughly, over and over again; my whole body seemed to explode with overwhelming sensations. Then he pulled away and looked at me with wonder as he said.
“I can’t believe I just did that, what kind of man am I? Taking advantage of you at this point? I know you are irresistible but that is not an excuse for me to let go, take advantage of you and begin to…”

I placed my fore-finger on his lips as I shushed him.
“shhhh You’ve been nothing but a complete gentleman. It’s more like me taking advantage of your kindness…”
He held my face again as he looked deeply into my eyes, I felt like I was drowning. He said…
“Don’t ever say that, okay? I will protect you with my life. I promise that nothing will ever happen to you. Now this is what we will do, when you are done speaking with Muna, you will make a big show of breaking up with him… Even if you didn’t. I will explain all these to him. This is because we don’t know who these guys are yet, they could be anywhere.

After you break up with Muna, we will kiss outside or any other public display of affection and hope that this will convince whoever is coming after you that everything is over between you and Muna. Then we will leave together. Please don’t disagree with me Cassandra, this is serious.”
I nodded, hoping that everything would turn out right.

The way his eyes gazed at my lips and neck…


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