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“I’m sorry Cassandra that was Onome… my wife”

I scrambled from the bed like I was scalded by hot water. How far and how much, for Pete’s sake will this guy hurt me with his very many secrets? My heart was thumping and I felt bereaved, hollow. Muna who I considered the love of my life, my Grande PASSION!!! Was a married man and never told me? and married to a lunatic?
Suddenly an unbridled rage washed over me. I said.

“And what game were you playing with me? How can you shamelessly lay there and call tell me that?
Did Mirabel know that? For goodness sake, a woman who was involved with you was just murdered in cold blood…
Are you telling me that you knew her killers all along?”

Edidiong came over to where I stood and led me to the only chair in the room. He said
“Cassandra you really need to calm down right now, you’ve been through a lot.”
I allowed him lead me, partly because I was too weak and hollow to argue. I was tired of everything, of Muna, of love.
I turned to look at Muna and he had his head in his palms.

An uncomfortable silence engulfed the room, Jeez!!!
How do I explain to you that even as my world was ripped apart, I felt so much pity for his pain.
I longed to comfort him but I had to steel myself against those soft feelings, before this love completely ruined me.

Finally he looked up with tears in his eyes and said.
That was 10 years ago, in England when I went for school. After I was done, I wanted to stay back and work a bit but couldn’t extend my student visa right away. Already Onome and I were dating, so I suggested to her that we get married. It was just physical for me, I thought she understood the reason I married her. I mean she was clubbing, using crack and sleeping with variety of men and I let her.
After two years I decided to come back to Nigeria, because babe… a couple of guys I knew that she dated ended up butchered and left at dump sites, the police couldn’t prove anything and we already had a son.

I looked closely, Muna was sobbing.
“My Son Junior… I have done all I can to get custody of my boy but that she-devil is my worst nightmare. I have been afraid of my life for so long and I had to trick her into signing the divorce papers.
That was when she got obsessive. How could she even think that I would stay married to her?”

My eyes were as round as saucers, don’t get me wrong; I didn’t expect Muna to be a saint but I never realized what a narcissistic, self absorbed person he was. I found my voice.
“Wait a minute, was that a rhetoric question? You used a woman, messed up her whole life and drove her insane and you have no shred of remorse.”
“No Sweetheart, this woman was already raving mad but she just hid it well.”

Anger flashed in his eyes as he said.

“Are you excusing her from killing Mirabel? Like oh poor woman has the right to kill because she was dumped. I swear she will rot in jail. and Cassandra please spare me all that sanctimonious talk. She was insane before I met her, its very easy to cast blame. Isn’t it?”

Edidiong addressed him.
“Guy, I won’t let you speak to Cassandra like that. You messed up mehn!”
Muna shuffled to his feet and faced Edidiong, he was unsteady on his feet and I thought he would fall; again that stupid pity and affection washed over me. I felt a huge lump in my throat, I wanted to just walk into his arms, hug him; kiss him and tell him that everything will be okay. But so much water had gone under the bridge, this guy reeked of disaster; my life was already in danger. I forced myself to listen to what he was saying. He was shaking with anger. as he spoke.
“Why are you still here? now na you dey defend my girlfriend for me? We are trying to have a conversation here, to settle our differences; now you don see babe abi? nor try me ooh.”
I interupted him.

“Muna there is no us, what you just told me now changes everything.”

He sat back on the bed wearily and gently lay down so I suspected that he was getting tired from all the hassles. This time I couldn’t stop myself, I walked to the bed and wrapped my arms around him.
I stopped myself with all my will power from kissing him, so many shades of emotions washed over me as I pressed myself to him. I whispered

“I love you… I loved you Muna but I’m sorry. This is more than I can handle… This is goodbye Baby, this is goodbye.”

Quickly he pulled my lips to his, I won’t lie. I didn’t resist, I needed to kiss him one last time. Yes! he lied to me, he is selfish and reckless but my hunger for Muna is irresistible. As we kissed I felt rather than saw Eddy turn away and walk out the door, I was past caring. My eyes drank in Muna’s fresh sculptured perfect face, I kissed him with all the pain in my heart. I know… Go on and judge me, call me shameless but you have to be in my shoes to understand my dilemma.
Then suddenly I broke off from him and raked my fingers through my hair in frustration, as I said…

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