ENTANGLED Episode 16 - Endangered

Welcome to another Episode of Entangled, our suspenseful Novella Series with Esther ‘Elsie’ Tersoo. Enjoy:


I bolted outside Muna’s room as if the whole underworld were in a damning conspiracy against me and were after me. Even if I had wanted to forgive and take him back, things were clearly out of my control and it was pure torture to be in the same room with him, knowing that it was the end.

There was no need letting the emotional wound fester the more, so I left.
I was glad that Edidiong had offered to let me stay with him.
As I went towards his car where he was leaning, his clenched jaw and intense look confirmed he was jealous of what transpired between Muna and I.

I wanted to scream ‘Dude get a grip, that guy is still technically my boyfriend’
He seemed to read my mind because he said.
“I know you still feel something for Muna but that guy endangered you selfishly…”
I interupted him quickly.
“Eddy I really dont wanna rehash what happened back there, I’m just happy that today is over, just take me home.”
He looked at me strangely before saying softly.
“Home? I love that, but not yet, one more important thing to do.”

Before one could say Jack Robinson! He had me in his arms in the full glare of every one. Okay I understood that we were supposed to make the monsters stalking me to believe that I wasn’t with Muna any more but the way Edidiong ravaged my mouth was more like women were going out of fashion, like I was the only woman he had ever held.

If he was really acting then he deserved an Oscar award.
I quickly disengaged myself and escaped into the car, all that was happening was not only unreal but emotionally draining for me, how much more could I take? I’m human and am I not supposed to get aroused? Turned on? Because my body is made of wood? So go on and judge me but all this is no joke, this is my reality.

Wordlessly he slided into the driver’s seat and started the car, I couldn’t even look at him in the eye.
After driving in tensed silence for minutes, he cleared his throat, turned to me at the passenger’s seat and said.
“I swear woman never affect me like this before.”
I couldn’t help smiling and that lightened the tensed atmosphere. He shook his head and regarded me with narrowed eyes as he continued talking.
“Abi na jazz you carry hold me? You know say you be calabar woman. Whether or not you been dey Yankee, Calabar na Calabar ooh”
I rolled my eyes as I said.
“If you are trying to get humour from me Edidiong, forget it. That kiss wasn’t funny at all.”
He chuckled as he looked me in the eye, he said.
“Which of the kisses Cassandra? The one you molested me in you Mother’s house or just now when I tried to save your life? C’mon look on the bright side. We needed to get those blood thirsty murderers off your trail.”

He made some sense but I still couldn’t forget the look in his eyes when he kissed me. After that brief exchange, Edidiong drove in silence, he seemed like one given to a lot of introspection and that was good enough for me too because I had a lot on my mind too.

He stayed at Aso drive in Asokoro, as he drove into the lovely duplex with exquisite lawn and floral arrangement along flawless landscaping, I felt a warm feeling wash over me. Am I materialistic? Nah! I was just excited that someone as rich as he is, wanted me.
when he drove into the garage to park, my phone rang. It was my mother, gosh! In the heat of all that happened I completely forgot to tell her I wasn’t going to be staying with her for a while.

I picked the call and tried to explain to my hysterical Mother that I was being followed and didn’t want to lead them to her house.
I just couldn’t tell her that I saw someone in her backyard, what she didn’t know would never hurt her… or so I hoped. I had to promise to see her the next day before she could let me get off the phone.

Edidiong helped me settle in the guest room and I was astonished with the level of affluence he lived in. He must have read my thoughts because he said.
“Yeah there is money in the family, old money you may call it.”

Then he stalked out. Hmm it is so strange how a guy gets more attractive when money is involved, please again don’t judge me too harshly, I keep saying this because bashing women is like a trend. Let me tell you a secret about women.

Women are not just passive and reactive, we have passions that we can’t, shouldn’t and won’t deny. Things that rub us the right way, it’s primal and natural. If Edidiong had taken me to a shack in a ghetto, I would have felt a certain way about him, not necessarily bad but a different way so yes he became a little more desirable; not that I want it, everything just became kinda mysterious and intriguing.

Now we have gotten honest and clarity, let’s continue.

When I went downstairs, he was holding two glasses of red wine and I accepted it gratefully.
He told me a bit about his family, Late Dad was an ambassador and Mum a former House of Representatives member.
Then his phone rang and he stepped out to the balcony to answer it, I followed him… to eavesdrop. Within seconds, pure undiluted fear gripped me.

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