ENTANGLED Episode 17 - Betrayal

Thank you for joining us on another Episode of Entangled, our suspenseful Novella Series with Esther ‘Elsie’ Tersoo. Enjoy:


Then his phone rang and he stepped out to the balcony to answer it, I followed him… to eavesdrop. Within seconds, pure, undiluted fear gripped me.
He was obviously talking to someone outside Nigeria, I caught a few lines as he said.
“Yes, yes she is with me now. Everything is in control here in Nigeria, you can count on me. No she does not suspect anything…”
I felt my spirit spin, get out of my body, float and got back into my body.
“Who for Pete’s sake is this guy?”
Then he started walking back towards the sitting room. What to do? What for heaven’s sake do I do now?
I bolted into the kitchen, grabbed a kitchen knife and stood behind the curtain by the kitchen door. I swear I was ready to defend myself, to kill if possible.
I know! I had often times cringed when I saw gory pictures of violence and I have said that I could never hurt a fly. Believe me all that changes in a second when you are fighting for your life. I didn’t know who to trust with so much that happened alright?

As I stood in the dark; behind the curtain by the adjoining door to the kitchen, carving knife in hand, my heart palpitated and I could hear the roar of my blood through the veins and arteries in my head.
He must have looked for me in the sitting room because
he started calling my name, walking towards the kitchen. I was trembling too hard that I feared the knife would fall from my hand.

I shook my head to clear my thoughts. For starters this dude was far bigger than my petite frame and for goodness sake he was a man, but at least I had the advantage of the element of surprise.
I tried to pray but it was all jumbled up with ‘the grace’ and ‘The Lord’s Prayer’.
I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly as I whispered.
“Dear God I can’t die like this Sir… don’t let me go out like this.”

I heard his footsteps as he approached gingerly but with precision.
Jeez! Who would have thought that the kind Dr. Eddy was one of the bad guys? What an odd and evil world we live in? A lot of things began to make sense, he had happened to be there at the club when Muna was shot, him looking out for me, being there… Gosh!! I was just a big fool to have imagined that I had found a Knight in shining armor.
I forced myself to return to the present, to be alert.

Suddenly a switch was turned on and the whole dining area flooded with light, unfortunately the curtain I hid behind was a translucent lemon piece and I stood there exposed, knife in hand.
Edidiong’s surprise flashed briefly on his face before his expertly hid it.

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