Entangled episode 2

At the arrival lounge I located my luggage and headed towards the exit. I made to take a trolley for my luggage, a dark lanky youth with a sort of tribal mark lining his face appeared from nowhere and grabbed my hand. I felt like spiders were crawling down my back, don’t get me wrong, I am not a snub or anything like that but a stranger had never grabbed me like that before.
“Fine Aunty, well done ooh, you want trolley? I go help you carry your bag, na only 500 naira”
I snatched my hand back in confusion, was he trying to con me? I had been warned of opportunists in Nigeria and really I had never been to an airport where trolleys were rented out. I took a deep breath and looked at him fiercely.
“Get your hands away from my luggage Mister! Before I get security.”
He left my bag but still held the trolley, what? I turned around and saw a man in security uniform and beckoned on him, the Security man took his time to stroll over looking angry that I disturbed him.
“Na wetin dey happen here Madam?
“This man sexually harassed me and wants to rent the trolley to me, isn’t it for free?”
The security snorted
“Which kind free? Guy wetin dey happen here”
The boy turned to him.
“See this ashewo ooh, common 500 naira, wey I tell am say na for the trolley, she begin dey speak grammar.”
I knew that Ashewo meant prostitute and couldn’t believe the insult and drama. I simply snatched my bags and without another word started dragging them along as I walked out. The security raised his voice so that I could hear and abused me further.
“See her legs like mosquitoe own, upon all the money wey she carry come from America, common 500 naira she no fit give for trolley. She dey find oshofri.”
He hissed loud and long.
I was stunned, everyone was rushing, oblivious of the next person. As I walked towards the cabs lining the sidewalk, more hands grabbed my luggage
“Sweet sister, Aunty you dey find taxi?”
Someone else pulled me from behind.
“No mind am, my car get AC, come this side.”
Tears stung my eyes, I looked around, I was not the only one being mobbed. Cab drivers grabbed at passengers, I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned.
The same mixed raced guy that was checking me out while I was leaving the plane smiled at me. He told them that I was with him and they dispersed. He grabbed my bags and led me to a Mercedes Benz E350 model car, parked some feet away. He put my bags in the boot and walked around to open the passenger’s door for me, I found my voice.
“Hey Mister! You don’t even know me.”
He laughed, his laughter was seductive and he looked me in the eye.
“Is this your first time in Nigeria?”
“Yeah except you count when I was five years.”
“From your accent, you are from US.”
“Yes but I am from also Nigerian, why are you helping me?”
“I am just being nice Ma’am”
He laughed again and gestured towards the open car.
“At least, take a load off your feet, sit down; I promise I’m not driving off to kill you. Here! Have the car key but for Christ sakes just sit down. I promise I’m harmless.”
“I smiled and sat down, grateful to rest my tired legs.”
“So what’s your name beautiful?
“My name is Cassandra and you?”
“I’m Muna, short for Munachi” He said
“Muna thanks for rescuing me back there but do you want something from me?”
“You know people always want something”
“In this case, trust me I want nothing, you looked ready to burst into tears back there. Could never resist a cute chic in distress.”
He walked over to the driver’s seat and sat.
“Okay I forgive you for staring so hard in the plane.”
We both laughed and relaxed and he touched my arm slightly
“Where are you headed? To a hotel? Is someone coming to pick you?
“I have reservations at Barcelona hotel.”
“So Barcelona hotel It is.
I looked around the inside of Muna’s plush car and instantly my sharp eyes caught sight of a silver pistol inside the glove compartment as he dropped some items into it.
I gasped and he held my hand.
“Cassandra relax, it’s a licensed gun.”
“But why do you need a gun in Nigeria Muna? Not that it’s any of my business.”
“Staying here babe, you might need one too.”
He laughed.
“Just kidding, my job takes me a lot of places. Especially far North…”
He tugged at some sheets of paper that I was sitting on.
“Babe let me just get these document, they are my client’s receipts”
I apologized profusely and lifted my hips for him to ease the document from under me.
He tilted towards me and in a bid to grab all the receipts, his palm got trapped under my bum. His touch was electric and I gasped as a delicious feeling washed over me.
“Mu… Muna, what…?”

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