Entangled Episode 21 - Judge Me

The Man must have been caught point blank because he grunted and slumped.
Edidiong pulled me to my feet and into his arms as I allowed tears of relief to flow freely down my cheeks; He kissed me repeatedly and hugged me tightly. I found my voice.
“Edidiong is he dead?”.
He nodded as he answered.
“Yes my darling, the wretch is dead; I caught him point blank.”.

We approached the masked figure on the floor and Edidiong switched on the light. The Chandelier and whole room was flooded with light. Edidiong ripped the mask from the man’s face and I was shocked by how handsome the murderer looked; he seemed to be in his late twenties and wore a stiff collared Polo shirt.

I couldn’t help the feeling of pity and sadness that washed over me. I wished he didn’t have to die, Oh! Why did such a fine man become so evil?

Edidiong was careful not to touch anything else as he led me to the sofa to sit; and poured me a glass of white wine before stalking to the intercom. The phone kept ringing as he dialled, but no one was picking. He seemed very worried.

I asked.
“Is your security not picking?”
Edidiong shook his head as his brow furrowed in deep thought, he picked his iPhone and dialled a number. When the person on the other line picked, he listened for a while before exploding in anger as he practically barked into the phone.
“My friend, I need to speak with the FCT Commissioner of police now… Tell him Edidiong Enang.”

I stood up and approached him, as I hugged him; I felt him relax. He continued speaking on the phone.
“Hello My Oga, I’m sorry to disturb you by this time. I have just been attacked with my woman in my house by an armed guy… Yes, Yes… I shot him in self defence and I think he is dead Sir… Okay, okay… I will wait for your men sir.”

He cut the call and hugged me again.
Wait a minute; is there something about steel and firearms that arouses? Don’t judge me please; I’m trying to be truthful, Everything just kinda made me feel a little funny and scared outta my senses. As I clung to Edidiong, his hugs were getting more passionate and I wanted more. I ran my palms under his shirt along his biceps and groaned as his mouth found mine. Okay you can judge me a little as there was a bad guy; stone dead, a few feet away.

He reluctantly disengaged himself from me and headed outside towards the gate, I ran after him, I would not be alone with a creepy dead guy. No sir!!!

As we got to the gate, Edidiong stopped suddenly in his tracks. My eyes followed his and when I saw it… I screamed involuntarily.
Edidiong’s Security guard, the nice man who smiled at me when he opened the gate for us earlier on; was tied up and his throat slit. Dark maroon blood had seeped into the interlocking stones and…

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