ENTANGLED Episode 22 - Scream

I screamed involuntarily. Edidiong’s Security man… the nice man who had smiled at me as he opened the gate was tied up and his throat slit. Dark maroon blood had sipped into the interlocking stones.

We were both rooted to the spot, how did the intruder get into the house? The only person who knew what really happened was lying stone cold dead with slit throat. I held Edidiong tight, how many more people would have to die because of me?
Edidiong moved away from my embrace and strode into the house. I followed closely at his heels, he seemed lost in thought. We entered the laundry room and he took a white bed sheet and headed outside again. Outside he covered the dead security man with the bed sheet.

When we got inside, Edidiong went into the kitchen and came back with disposable gloves…
He put them on and rummaged in the dead assassin’s pockets. He came up with a cell phone and took it to the dinning table where he sat down.

I felt really stupid following him around, why wasn’t he talking to me? I sat opposite him, touched his arm as I asked him.
“Eddy why aren’t you talking to me?”
He looked contrite as he held my hand and pulled me to himself. He made me sit on his laps and held me close. As he inhaled my hair deeply, he said.
“Baby I am so sorry, It seems like I’m ignoring you. Darling I’m just trying to wrap my head around all of these.”
My voice was very small as I pointed at the Intruder’s phone.
“Are you not obstructing justice by taking away his phone?”
He smiled mischievously as he said.
“Oh no, I’m not holding on to this for too long, I just want to stay ahead on this.”
He tucked me deeper into his laps and started searching the deadman’s Samsung phone. In the call log, we saw ‘BOSS 1 and BOSS 2’. Edidiong’s eyes sparkled with excitement as he nudged me.
“Cassandra quickly save these numbers to your phone, don’t touch anything, don’t dial them.”
Just then his phone buzzed, he gestured for me to hasten with saving the number as he said.
“Hello, hello! I can hear you, I’m coming down now to let you in.”
Then he turned to me.
“Babe the policemen are here.”
He picked the Intruders phone from the table as I finished saving the last number, he put it back into the dead man’s jeans pocket and peeled off the disposable gloves.

He threw them into the trash can, changed his mind and took them into the kitchen where he put them in an empty powerded peak milk container. he poured kerosine over them and set them on fire with a lighter. then he turned to me.
“Babe stay here and when these burn up, put out the fire with water and throw this milk container into the disposable bin.”
And just like that, he was off. What? But we didn’t do anything wrong, just conducting our own little investigation. The gloves burnt and dissolved, when I heard voices coming into the sitting room; I poured water into the burnt gloves and as it sizzled, I picked the milk container; poured out the water from it and dumped the congealed mass into the dustbin. Then I put on my most traumatized look as I strolled into the sitting room.

As I entered the sitting room, the policemen who were all in plain cloths were already carrying the dead man out on a stretcher. Edidiong and one of the policemen came towards me with looks of concern on their faces. The police man extended his hand to me as said.
“Madam I’m so sorry for all you have been going through, we are aware of this case. From the shootout at the club, to Mirabel’s murder, be rest assured that our men are doing their very best and we will unmask the evil men behind these horrible acts. I have spoken with Mr. Edidiong Enang and Police men will be positioned here at the gate to guard you. This is the residence of a former Nigerian Ambassador and this is so absurd. Please Ma’am don’t venture into town on your own”
I nodded tiredly, shock showing vividly on my face as I headed towards the couch, The police man who spoke with me strolled out with Edidiong as they continued conversing in low tones.


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