He touched my arm again as he called my name.
The way he called me made it feel so special and mysterious.
In US, my friend’s called me Cassie or Cass.
“Yes Muna”
“Do you need to pick anything from the mall? We are already in Wuse 2”
“No I don’t want anything I just wanna go hit the showers, thank you so much Muna.”
“You are welcome, you made my evening.”

He drove into Barcelona hotel and helped me move my luggage into my room, it made me apprehensive the way he took charge and made sure that the facilities were all working.

I looked at him suspiciously as I sank down on the sofa in the room.
Having a stranger move around in my space was hard for me.

I kicked off my shoes as he glanced at me.
“Babe what is it? Are you okay?”
I tried to hide my apprehension.
“Nothing, just that you are being too nice to me”
He looked at me as if I was from Mars.
“This is Nigeria; here we take care of our women. What I’m doing is what any man worth his onions here will do for any woman he likes. I know over there, ladies split bills with guys when they go on a date and are fiercely independent. Here our women let us take care of them.
If I’m going to take you out 100 times, I will cover the bills a hundred times and it’s natural for us.”

I was blown away, already I was beginning to feel my feminine side peek out from behind the curtains. This guy made me feel like a woman.
“That’s the catch, you like me…”
“Yes I admit, I would love to do all sorts of indecent things to you and make you moan; but Lady it will be at your time and no pressure, so relax.”
He chuckled at the look on my face. His mention of having me moan had hit me by surprise.

Again I felt the twitch and gulped.
“So you like me that much?”
“What do you think?”
“I can’t really think now Muna, I just want to tumble into bed. I stood up on tiptoe to give him a goodbye hug and he caught me in his arms like a starved man.
I looked up into his eyes, and again that look was there, fierce desire .
I felt a full blown hard on press on my belly and tried to push away from his embrace but he shook his head, his eyes drawing me in.
“Cassandra, I’m really sorry that I’m this attracted to you.

The last thing I want to do is frighten you away or hurt your feelings, but this Oga down here no dey hear word, it has a mind of its own.”
“I hope you can control him though?”
“But of course, I’m not a cave man”
I searched his face for any hint of ulterior motive and saw nothing, probably like me he was a victim of our hot emotional and sexual connection. I wanted desperately for him to kiss me, to devour my lips but he hesitated and started pulling away.

What? Nah!! There won’t be any play of honor mister! Quickly I pulled his mouth down on mine; I saw the shock in his eyes. He was probably okay being in charge and playing by his own rules.
As I kissed him, I could feel his control slipping away.
He groaned deeply and held me by the back of my head and took charge, backing me against the wall he kissed me until my eyes crossed. Then just as suddenly he broke the kiss and moved away inhaling deeply in frustration. It took seconds for me to find my bearings. Why did He have to stop?”
I forced myself to listen to him.
“I’m sorry Cassandra, I… I should have more control.”

I was suddenly very weak and flopped on the bed; what a day.
He came over and kissed me on my forehead, hesitated and whispered
“Sweet dreams babe”
“You too”
I whispered back, he retrieved his car keys from the sofa and left. I could hear his footsteps down the stairs and shivered from cold and desire. I couldn’t believe how eventful my first day in Naija turned out to be.

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  1. Nice one. Things seem to be moving rather very quickly for Cassie in Nigeria. It seems the longing may take her better judgement!!!


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