Entangled Episode7 Feet of clay

My voice was bitter and cold.
“So you are a gigolo?”
He replied breathlessly.
I swung around and faced him.
“You heard me right, that woman is old enough to be your mother.”
He shook his head and avoided my eyes.
“Don’t judge me, that woman is my friend. In my line of work I need connection; it’s not always easy for us guys out here in this country. Cassandra there are no jobs, open your pretty brown eyes and look around. I am not hurting anyone and you don’t know what we go through in this country. You cannot just waltz in here from USA where the homeless have at least the benefit of food stamps and homeless shelters, to look down your nose on us here in Nigeria. Our leaders don’t play fair here, this system is not working. I grew up on these streets, by my wits and my charm. I put myself through college and started caring for my parents before I turned 24 years. This is our story. If I have to smile at a kind older lady to get the Hilux van I need for my company, I will very well damn do it. I ain’t sitting around waiting for manner to fall
from heaven.”

By now he was furious and I suspected underneath it all was an underlying pain. Pain that reflected in his eyes.
But I was in shock, I was outraged. He had no excuse to shag an older woman for money, he was a male escort.
How dare he be so strong, intelligent, my dream Man, brilliant and yet have feet of clay? How dare he disillusion me?
Why was he so confident even at this point? My anger fueled my acidic tongue.

“You disgust me Muna, don’t ever come close to me.”
“Too late, I know Nse and her friends. I know where you live, you are mine.”
“You mean you service my mother’s friends? Tell me!! Do they pass you around?

I saw anger flash in his eyes and his fist clenched. He lifted me from the rail where I was leaning, and pressed me to the wall, frost punctuating his every word.
“You shouldn’t have said that Cassandra.”

With brutality his mouth crushed mine and his palms travelled mercilessly down my soft hips. I pushed him away with all my strength, at the same time fighting the sweet clench in my abdomen. This Naija guy was fire, he was searing me; burning me up. How could I want him with every fiber of my being when I knew all that about him? I was lost. I kissed him back with all my strength.
Again we kissed like starved animals, and I heard his muffled voice from cloud nine. I could feel his smile but I didn’t care.

“Cassandra, I want to be a better man”
He ravished my mouth like I was going out of fashion, his right palm pressed against my puckering nipple, just then I heard my mother’s shocked gasp. I turned to see her standing with Mirabel behind us. The looks on their faces were priceless, my mum’s voice dripped rage.


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