ENTANGLED Episode 18 - Guilty

Thank you for joining us on This Episode of Entangled, our adrenaline rush Novella Series with Esther ‘Elsie’ Tersoo. Enjoy:


Immediately it seemed like he switched tactics as he lowered his voice and said gently.
“Baby have you gone crazy? What are you doing behind the curtain with my carving knife? C’mon Cassandra, I know you are scared and feel unsafe in a strange place but please babe give me the knife before you hurt yourself”

Haha!!! what did he think I was? Stupid? I was having none of that cajoling… I cleared my throat as I said with as steady a voice as I could manage.

“Don’t come near me Edidiong or whatever you call yourself or I will cut you.”

“Why darling, what happened…?”

I interrupted him.

“I heard everything, I heard you talking to them.”

He was looking at me like I belonged to the asylum but I tightened my grip on the knife as I said.

“I heard you talking on the phone, to your people. You told them I was in your house and that you had the situation under control. What were you guys going to do to me huh? Tell me, do you work for Muna’s wife? Is that why you stalked me?”

His confusion showed on his face, I was almost fooled with the look of hurt on his face… but then he lowered his eyes in shame.

There! There was guilt on his face too. I jumped out from behind the curtain and waved the knife as I said.

“You are going to let me pass, you will let me leave or else I swear, I will dig this deep into you.”

He cocked his head to one side and narrowed his eyes as he said gently.

“I’m sorry for keeping this from you for so long Baby.”

My voice was shrill as I yelled.

“Keep what from me Edidiong?”

“Yes I had been following you, not to harm you; yes I was speaking to someone but… Baby that was your father.”

My heart lurched as I yelled.


Okay so my life had been one dramatic twist after another since I set foot in Nigeria… but my Dad stalking me all the way from America through Edidiong was more than I could wrap my head around. I forced myself to listen to Edidiong as he said.

“Babe, you won’t imagine how much I wanted to open up to you but your Dad won’t hear of it…”

I interrupted him harshly.
“How much were you paid to stalk me?”

A look of hurt passed through his face as he growled.

“What did you say Cassandra?”

My own indignation matched his.

“You heard me, how much freaking USD were you paid to follow me around? Gosh!!! Everything was staged, you at the club? Helping me? Showing care? Jeezzz!!! I feel sick to my stomach.”

Edidiong went to the bar and poured himself a drink; he poured a glass for me too and brought it to me. I shook my head vehemently, he shrugged and poured the drink into his own glass, took a sip and walked confidently towards me as he said.

“Listen Cassandra, enough of the drama, everything your Dad did. He did it because he was worried, he needed to keep an eye on you…”

I interrupted him again.

“Yes okay, and he used you to do his dirty work…?”

It was his turn to interrupt me, he said.

“Okay Cassandra that really hurt, I wasn’t paid anything and there is nothing sinister going on. I’m surprised you don’t remember me; I’m your Dad’s godson. My Dad was the Nigerian ambassador in USA between 1986 and 1989. You came for a couple of dinners in our house. I swear you were the most beautiful little girl in my world then, meeting you again, I realized I’m still in love with you.”

I heaved a sigh of weariness, I wasn’t about to believe anyone anymore. As I dropped the carving knife on the dining table, I gestured towards the phone on the table.

“Then call my Dad, I will need to talk to him from your phone before I take your words.”

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