ENTANGLED Episode 19 - Insight

Welcome to yet another episode of our Entangled Novella Series, enjoy.

Edidiong smiled broadly and I was struck by how handsome he was, broad shoulders tapering to a small waist, needless to say I was washed over with guilt for feeling so strongly for him. I felt like i was betraying Muna, but consoled myself with the thought that Muna caused all of this.

Edidiong dialled the number on his phone, switched it to speakerphone and sure enough Daddy’s sonorous voice drifted to me.
He said.
“Edidiong nso nkpo kedo?”
I almost laughed out loud; these ones were already as thick as thieves OMG!!! Edidiong still had that smirk on his face; I just wanted to wipe it off with a slap or a kiss. He spoke into it.

“Sir, it’s not me ooh, its Cassandra who wanted to speak with you. Infact she is standing with a steak knife.”

My Dad paused for a full minute before saying.

“Baby girl I’m sorry for everything you are going through, but I warned you not to…”

I swear I saw stars; Dad was freaking justifying keeping a tab on me, stalking me? I snatched the phone from Edidiong as I yelled.
“Dad! What’s the meaning of this? How could you do this?”
He said.
“You and your trade mark temper, remember you are a woman, control yourself. Young woman that is no way to talk to your father, calm down and I will call you later.”

Just like that, the line went off, I hate it so much when Daddy plays me, but I was disarmed.

I grabbed Edidiong’s wine and gulped it with a grimace, as I dropped the glass, his hand went around my waist as he pulled me into his broad arms.
His grasp was so warm and I felt knotted desire vibrate between us. Something clenched below somewhere in my abdomen as his hard on pressed against my stomach. He held my face in both his hands and looked deeply into my eyes as he said.
“I don ask you before, wetin you do me woman? Since you were 6 or 7 years, you’ve had me wrapped around your little finger.”
I shook my head as I said.
“I remember that when I was a little girl, we went a lot to Washington DC, your house and I remember some gawky boys bothering my life and pulling my hair.
Was that you?”

“Yes I and my brother Adonis.”

The name rang a bell, I said.

“I remember Adonis, he was the one I had a crush on.”

Edidiong turned away as he said.
“Yes I know and it killed me each time you refused to play with me.”

I chuckled as I sashayed out of his arms. I asked him.

“Where is your brother now?”

A look of pain passed across his face as he said.

“Dead, Cassandra, he died in the Dana crash years back.”

I went into his arms and held his face as I said.

“Gosh!!! I’m so sorry Edidiong…”

His lips on mine interrupted me, he held the back of my head and kissed me deeply. As he said.

“You are the only woman for me.”

His fingers crawled into my blouse, as his tongue engaged mine in an erotic hide and seek.
My toes curled as an uncontrollable feeling gripped me. I was falling for his kind of love, Naija love comes in different colors I swear. His mouth left my lips and moved to my neck and throat… Just then we heard a crash on the staircase and…

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