ENTANGLED Episode 20 - Fear

She saw the headlights and came out from where she was hiding among the shrubs.
She waved at the cab frantically, the driver came to a halt, and she scrambled over to get in the backseat.

The doors were locked and the driver, an Arab descent beckoned on her to come over to his window, she did, angry that he locked the car doors.

“Why don’t you open the damn doors, I’m freezing out here.”

“No Lady not until you tell me all i need to know. And what in the world are you doing out here by this time of the night covered in blood?”

“Why not ask me later, huh? See I was attacked and raped by a guy I came out on a date with. C’mon, I need to get home”

The driver looked at her long and, then there was a click, it was the central lock. She opened the door to the backseat and entered, as she shivered with cold.
His voice startled her.
“I want more money Lady, see I’m sorry you were raped and stuff but I want 50 pounds more”
“But I already paid with my debit card when I ordered for this cab…”
“That’s for the company, I want 50 pounds for me troubles.”
Her anger burnt red hot and she opened her bag.
“Yeah maybe you should have this huh?”
She sprayed him viciously with pepper spray and as he cried out in pain, rubbing his eyes he opened his door and stumbled outside.
She went after him with the knife, she stabbed blindly, blinded by anger and a homicidal taste.
“Beast you thought I was helpless didn’t you? Now who is helpless?”
The knife sliced of an ear and dug deep into the jugular, then she sliced and chopped until he slumped.
That was when she saw it, another headlight. As she ran to enter the car and zoom off, she heard the siren.


His lips left my mouth and moved to my neck and throat. Just then we heard a crash on the staircase, it was like someone missed their footing and fell.
We were startled from our erotic hug; Edidiong placed his finger on his lips and gestured for me to be quiet.
He pulled me close to his body as we crept towards the bar; he took down a painting on the wall, by the wine cabinet to expose a small cupboard. As Edidiong opened it, there was a safe inside. He tapped in a combination of numbers and when the safe snapped open, he pulled out a gun.

All these happened in like a minute, next thing…
he was pulling me behind the bar counter. We crouched there like forever, until I began to think that we had both imagined the crash on the staircase.

Suddenly we heard footsteps entering the sitting room. I felt that heart renching fear that was becoming a part of me lately.
My fingers that were linked with Edidiong’s was shaking but his firm hold was just what I needed; re-assuring.
The man tiptoed upstairs towards the bedroom, I wanted to get up and peep but Edidiong grabbed and dragged me down as his deep voice whispered close to my ears.


I was so thankful that I had him there with me and nodded meekly. I heard him cock the lever to release the slide catch on the pistol in his hand and my heart thumped with fear.
Minutes later we heard the Man’s footsteps creeping carefully down the stairs back to the sitting room.
Edidiong suddenly left my hand; I struggled to keep my panic down but remained on my hands and knees.
Quietly Edidiong lifted himself until he stood by the wine cabinet, I couldn’t look, I kept my face down and teeth clenched tightly.

Our lives hung in the balance and everything depended on his judgement, I refused to think beyond that.

Just then I heard him take a deep breath and a burst of heart wrenching and deafening gunshot vibrated through the whole house.

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