Kiddwaya and Erica in romance

Big Brother Housemates in the Brother Najia Lockdown Reality Show Kiddwaya and Erica who are romantically linked in the show and who continually flirt non-stop. Couldn’t get their hands off each other as they touched, kissed and ravaged each other last night.

The pair were first seen on the couch chatting and flirting, with Kiddwaya placing one of his hands on Erica’s bare bum and the other around her neck.

They later moved to the bed, where they enjoyed an intense make-out session under the sheet. Erica who could not control her euphoria could be heard moaning and gyrating as Kiddwaya serviced her garden.

Kiddwaya and Erica are now the most talk about in the BBNaija lockdown season.


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