Thousands of people gathered across central London and other international capital cities this weekend to protest the killing of George Floyd, a black American who died while in police custody in Minnesota.

In London, marchers on Sunday held up signs that said “Justice for George Floyd” and “I can’t breathe.” Floyd, 46, died as a police officer kneeled on his neck to pin him down.

The protests, which were peaceful, began at Trafalgar Square before proceeding along the Thames River to the U.S. Embassy, where some held brief sit-ins. Some people taking part appeared to break official coronavirus-related lockdown rules of staying at least six feet apart. British police did not intervene to stop the protests.

Hundreds of people in Manchester, in northern England, also held a rally Sunday in support of demonstrations taking place in cities across America. Protesters in Manchester chanted “Black Lives Matter.”

Derek Chauvin, 44, a white police officer, has been fired from his job and charged with Floyd’s murder. More protests are planned for central London next weekend, according to posts by organizers on social media.

Protests erupted in Berlin on Saturday as a crowd descended on the U.S. Embassy building next to the German city’s famous Brandenburg Gate landmark. Footage posted online showed demonstrators calling for justice over Floyd’s May 25 death, standing in front of the embassy and clapping and chanting “Black Lives Matter” and “Silence is Violence.” German police did not report any violence or incidents.

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Some of the protesters in London chanted “No justice! No peace!”

Black lives matters protestBlack lives matters protestProtester

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