A Viennese chef who has become a Playboy model has been going naked in the kitchen while cooking to encourage others to cook at home and stay safe.

Working as a model, Cândida Batista is also a Michelin starred chef.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, the mum has been urging others to stay at home rather than eat out. This is to promote social distancing and prevent the spread of the killer virus.

To do this, she has combined her two passions – cooking and modelling – and has been sharing photos to Instagram.

In the photos, Cândida poses naked or semi nude in lingerie while cooking tasty meals.

Cândida claims that her strategy seems to be working.

According to her:
“I decided to make a pie crust at home and I was with little clothes at the time,
I didn’t even think about putting anything.”

She added:
“I was inspired and my photographer friend clicked, It was a success that I did not imagine, of course I will continue to post, knowing that I can save lives.”

Cândida, who lives in Vienna and calls herself a feminist, plans to continue posting more sexy cooking hacks in the future.



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