Nengi Confronts Ozo On his change of attitude towards her..

Yesterday 14th September, Ozo told Big brother that he has decided to give Nengi space and concentrate on the game following a lot of bashing for his very clingy attitude towards his love interest in the house.

well it seemed he went through, the day ignoring her and keeping his distance.
Shortly after the Head Of House game, of which Nengi emerged a winner. The remaining housemate gathered together in the garden to chitchat and drink, it seemed Nengi drank a bit too much.

She and Ozo went into the room and she took him to task on why he was ignoring her, Nengi was absolutely seductive as she wore her heart on her sleeve and asked Ozo why he avoide her throughout the day and didn’t bring his pillow down to their usual spot by her bed where they can look at each other and gist until they fell asleep like usual.

This whole seductive display was too much for Ozo to handle and he admitted that he thought he was free only to be back in her web again.
Watch video below:




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