Nengi Tells Ozo That He Is Number 220 On Her List

Nengi In a conversation with Ozo, told him to move on and that she is not worth Ozo having heart attack over.

Ozo has been moody over Nengi’s rejection, and has been trying to convince Nengi to consider them dating.

Ozo couldn’t complete the game he was playing with Dorathy, since he couldn’t concentrate. He left Dorathy to meet with Nengi, to talk about them but unfortunately Nengi did not assure him, rather told him to try and forget what he feels for her.

Nengi told Ozo that he has been worrying about her rejection or lack of interest for nothing, and it’s not worth. She said he will soon find out.

To end that conversation, Nengi told Ozo that he is number 220 on her list. She said she keeps count so she is sure of Ozo’s position on her list.

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