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Eddy’s eyes glided through my lips and neck, as I hurriedly dressed and I caught him severally gazing at me. I chuckled, Men can be so predictable; gosh!! Try setting a trap with a beautiful, seductive and sensual woman and bam! You will always get a number of them. so many great men fell because of the curvy daughters of Eve.
When I was dressed, we went down to his car and started on our way to the hospital. I realized that I was really afraid, frightened of what I could discover. What other deep dark secrets did Muna have, covered with his smooth, sophisticated exterior?
Eddy allowed me bask in my thoughts, dude was really considerate, it excited me to know that I just discovered Mr. Right around the corner though he wasn’t mine; I was still happy that he considered me his friend.
At the hospital, Eddy quickly found out that Muna was out of surgery and awake, my heart somersaulted and thumped in my chest.
Yet I had to see Muna, I allowed Eddy to lead me to Muna’s room, all the while walking on egg shells.
Why was I so scared of meeting Muna again?
As I entered the room, he looked up and our eyes locked. My mouth was dry and I tripped clumsily. You see Muna is so handsome that looking at him was painful especially if you knew he wasn’t or would never be yours. At that point I wished there was no drama, just me and him living a normal life.
Eddy immediately steadied me on my feet as he led me to Muna’s bed. Jeez!! Muna still looked like a Runway model with his neck bandaged; he licked his fabulous pinkish lips that looked hotter than Nelly’s, as he said

“I missed you so much my darling and you must be Dr. Edidiong. The Nurse on duty updated me on the latest; especially how you saved my life…”

Eddy seemed to veil some hidden anger as he interrupted him.
“Did this nurse also tell you that Mirabel is dead? That the same men that you are affiliated with, who shot you, killed her?”
Muna couldn’t hide his own irritation. He turned to me and said.

“Cassandra what the hell is wrong with this guy? Why is he all up in our business? If no be say my neck dey bandage and say you freaking saved my life. Guy I for don bash your face in, wetin be your own inside matter?”

I couldn’t believe Eddy’s lack of composure, though I understood that he wanted to protect me, even suspected that he wanted me for himself, but really he should give us space to talk. But even now I couldn’t take away my eyes from Muna’s sculptured biceps, the way he moistured his lips. Muna dripped sexiness. Jeez!!! I said.

“Eddy please let me handle this.”

Muna looked from Eddy to me. As he chuckled bitterly.

“Oh so it’s Eddy now huh? I nearly died for you and already you got yourself a new Man?”
Eddy walked around to stand by the bedpost, as he looked Muna in the eye.
“Listen to me Muna, Cassandra was almost killed today as an assailant followed her to her mother’s home. You claim you love her but you jeopardized her life, what are you hiding huh? She got a phone call from the killer threatening to finish her up because she is with you. Well! If I can help it, Cassandra will stay far away from you to be safe.”

Muna bolted from the bed in anger but slumped again to the bed writhing in pain, I rushed to his side but he pushed me aside as he grimaced with so much pain. I had had enough. I turned to Eddy.

“Edidiong, what the heck is wrong with you? I told you I will handle this myself, please leave us alone.”

Eddy didn’t move a muscle, I tried to hold Muna but he flung my hand away; he smiled bitterly as he said.

“Issorai, so he is like what? Your bodyguard cum lover? What is his take in all of this? Wetin be this guy business with us? Remind me never to trust a woman, Cassandra you didn’t have to bring your boyfriend to interrogate me. After all I went through because of you.”

My own anger simmered and spilled over, I said.
“Oh no, Muna don’t you dare play the victim here. What is wrong with you guys? You have just heard that my life is threatened by a killer and all you are worried about is Edidiong stealing me from you? Tell me what the hell is going on? Who is that female that called me?”

Undiluted fear, jumped into Muna’s eyes and at that moment I felt so sorry for him that my heart practically broke. I went over and sat by him, I held him as close as I could. How did this gorgeous man get himself into so much trouble?

“Tell me Muna, who was that?”
“I’m sorry Cassandra, that was Onome… my ex-wife.”


As she stabbed him again and again, one caught him in the cheek, the rest cut his right arm as he tried to block.

All the while he kept asking her why she wanted to kill him, but her face was frozen into a primal frenzy, with the soul need to annihilate.

His fingers were slippery with blood but he surprised her when he grabbed the blade and held on, even when he couldn’t hold it for long, he came back for it again and again as his fingers slipped away.

Then it came, the sudden kick that stunned her and shifted her attention and sent her carousing across the room.
The beast was on his feet gingerly coming towards her grimacing with pain, and she knew she had to get out of there.

Her bag contained her essentials, aah what to do? Her need to avoid discovery superseded her need to live and she made a grab for her bag. That was when he grabbed her by the hair, as she grabbed her bag and his car keys.

The struggle began, but in a flash; her wig came off and even her was surprised and she made a dash for the door.
The receptionist’s eyes were as round as saucers as she came from behind her desk to help her.
But she shook her head, keeping her face away.
“No please, he will kill me. He has been abusing me the entire relationship, for four years now. I have to go, my life is in danger; he stabbed me multiple times that’s why I have all these blood stains. I stabbed him too, I love him. Please take him to the hospital and know that domestic violence is real, and be careful; he’s dangerous.”

In a jiffy, she was out the door. Anytime she quit taking her drugs, she was nothing less than a genius.

At the car park, she went straight to where he parked, entered the car and drove out. She could see the receptionist, urging the security man to open the gate and she smiled.
She had an unintentional ally, she waved as she drove off.

She brought out her phone from her bag, the phone’s battery was dying. She quickly called a cab and told him to come to the public park a stone throw away, she couldn’t go too far with this car.

As she parked in front of the recreational park, she quickly opened the hood of the car and waited beside it. Then she combed out her hair and waited patiently for the cab.
Anger and self hate swirled inside her. How could she be so stupid and arrogant to think she can take on an able bodied beast in an unfamiliar territory? Bloody her, the biggest irony will be to slit her own throat because she was so stupid.
She saw the headlights…


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