Ozo and Prince were at each other’s throat in the Big Brother lockdown house last evening August 5.

Trouble started when Prince stood up during their drama practice and went to the room.

The housemates who were practicing hard ahead of their wager presentation holding on Thursday, August 6, and have been focused so they do not lose this week’s task as they have lost the previous two given to them by Big Brother. Only for Prince to flout the rules and head out to the room.

Angry that Prince left the group while they were still practicing, Ozo who is this week’s Head of House, stood up and warned he would not tolerate such character from any housemate. Shouting on top of his voice, Ozo informed Prince he would no longer participate in the drama. When Prince wanted to speak, a visibly angry Ozo responded
” Shut up your mouth”

He instructed Prince to apologize to the other housemates for leaving the drama and Prince humbly apologized.

Ozo later apologized to Prince for raising his voice.


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