Franklin, Seyitan and DBanj

Franklin Amudo, D’Banj’s former manager, has come out to give his own version of what transpired at the hotel between DBanj and Seyitan.

In a statement he put out, Franklin alleges that he was the one who invited Seyitan to an event in Lagos where DBanj attended and performed on December 30, 2018.

That he gave Seyitan the keys to his room to pass the night at Glee hotel when she told him she couldn’t return home that night as it was too late.
According to him, he did not sleep in the room as he had to go home to prepare for an early morning flight to Accra, Ghana.

Franklin said Seyitan called him later that night to allege that DBanj found his way into her room and raped her. He said he immediately called one Ajia Mohammed and informed him of the allegation Seyitan made. Franklin said Ajia told him not to worry about it and that he had given Seyitan $100, though the purpose for the money wasn’t stated.

Franklin said he was unable to ask DBanj at the time because it was the same period the singer lost his son and he felt it would be insensitive for him to discuss such a thing with him.

Read his full statement below:

Franklin, Seyitan and DBanj: rape case

This whole story Franklin, Seyitan and DBanj is diverging into dynamics, question… What really happened that night?🤔


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