Bashir Ahmed
Presidential Aide, Bashir Ahmed

Presidential Aide, Bashir Ahmed ignited social media storm after promising to influence the 26 year jail sentence Yunusa Dahiru (Yellow) was handed by a Federal High Court in Yenagoa, after being found guilty of child trafficking and sexually exploiting an underage girl, Ese Oruru.

Dahiru abducted Oruru from her family house at Opolo area of Yenagoa on August 12, 2015 and took her to his home state, Kano, where he forcefully converted her to Islam.  The minor, who was 13-years-old at the time of the incident, was raped, resulting in pregnancy. She was eventually rescued by the police in February 2016 and brought back to Yenagoa in early March, where she gave birth to a baby girl in May of the same year.

Bashir Ahmad commented on the trial after being asked to intervene by a Twitter user, Hammad Yusuf Saleh who claimed the conviction was manipulated.

His tweet read;

“Please Bashir, do something about Yunusa Yellow for Allah’s sake, he is wrongly accused and sentenced, the whole matter is manipulated, we need to appeal for him.”

Reacting to tweet, the Presidential aide who admitted that he has no power to influence the court judgement, promised to contact those who can.

Bashir Ahmad tweeted in response;

“I do not have the power to do anything against the judgment of the court, but I will try to contact those whom I think are capable.”

Bashir Ahmed twitter post
Bashir Ahmed’s twitter post

Though he afterwards reacted to the outrage his tweet incited, the Presidential aide claimed that he commented on the Yunusa Yellow saga without knowing and understanding the details of the case.

He wrote in a rejoinder tweet;

I commented on the Yunusa Yellow saga earlier, without knowing and understanding the details of the case. Eloping or rather, kidnapping a minor and forcing her to marry you shouldn’t be taken lightly. A condemnable act!

Bashir Ahmed twitter post 2
Bashir Ahmed’s twitter post


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